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【Whole cause】

“Lean against staff inside, depend on the customer outside, increase the benefit, Serve the society”。
Company insist the policies of" basedding on people", promote the masses of staff admit enterprise the value theory views of development emphatically, " it is my family if safe and smooth, it is everybody to do well it safe and smooth"; " Taitan to benefit benefited I while being smooth, for being Taitan to strive benefit while being smooth I"; " it is safe and smooth, Taitan to create tomorrow for us while being smooth for us to create", encourage and one's own effortses full of hope repayment development staff in enterprise constantly, Make corporate cultures have strong vitality which condenses people.
The company adheres to the aim that" the reputation first, the user is the the highest", promote the value theory view of" creation user's interests while pursueing enterprise interests" constantly, No user, no markets of enterprises, no market, no development of enterprises. Safe and smooth whether" advanced product, satisfied quality, rational price, The fine service " bases on the market, by facing the user sincerely, serve and present the society, Make the corporate culture and social culture gain thorough understanding through comprehensive study of the subject, hold and does not wane long.

【Build the cultural " three is managed"】

The company insists on with the factory of rule of virtue, regard corporate culture as catching hands mainly of political and ideological work, It educates and regard the main intensionses of corporate culture as the moralities of staff distil values who staff "learns, innovate, respect work, conduct oneself" constantly, Promise "tree love the hearts of factory, it wants and work for the slips of factory make favourable the things of factories, The ones that enjoy oneself to heart's content in the factory blame". In recent years,company emerge the whole country work medal" May Day",scientific and technological stars,etc. embody Thai smooth spirit, advanced model of the characteristic of the timeses in large batches at one model worker province,city,Through propagating their outstanding morality and meritorious deeds, drive and cultivate the outstanding corporate culture, Drive the reform and development of the enterprise to advance constantly.
Company insist at governed by law factories, Taitan’s people have " staff must read the handbook one", It concentrate the value theory and code of conducts of Taitan people, accomplish everything have regulations to abide by, Someone is responsible for everything, punish everything with lottery, temper toughness with gentleness, wide and lift severely, Make Taitan’s people " inclusive to strive and make outstanding staff are outside civilized social citizens" peopleses.
Company insist cure factory with feeling, it uses carriers build corporate culture atmosphere. In factories see democracies propose case, common to show fence, have" staff bbs jar theory" at the same time, Probe into enterprise develop, work, question of living etc together and strengthen emotion exchange. In addition, also establish 6 recreation and sports organizations, such as the Taitan’s football team, Taitan’s chorus,etc., Abundant staff's recreation and sports life, mould staff's sentiment, propagate Taitan’s culture, Moulding the safe smooth image, the purpose to reach" creating the true feelings with culture and condense the heart with the true feelings". Taitan culture has given play to irreplaceable great function as the first affinity of enterprise development.

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