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Airflow dyeing machine following overflow dyeing machine (pull-cylinder)and overflow jet dyeing machine, is the
latest of intermitternt piece dyeing machine. It is environment-friendly、energy saving and high efficiency. It
inherited the advantages (simple structure、 easy operation、 sturdy and durable) of traditional dyeing machine .It
innovates new dyeing mechanism principle and new washing manner.
       The completely new dyeing mechanical principle: To atomize the dye liquor, blending the atomized dye liquor and
the air flow moved at a high speed to form circular air flow, which can be air cushion and power for the cloth piece,
and then making the cloth piece circulating at a high speed in the dyeing room. When the air flow impels the piece,
the molecule of dye liquor come into the fiber, dyeing the fabrics. As the air flow impels the piece ,it has a high
circulation speed in the dye vat, and this improve the level-dyeing property of the cloth piece. because the promotion
of air flow is not mechanical push-pull movement, so the piece tension is uniform, and it will not shape any gofer
and abrasion.
     The completely new washing mechanical principle: Cloth piece and dye liquor are separated in dye vat, the sieve
designed special in dye vat makes cloth piece and dye liquor separating, so the washing manner of the airflow dyeing
machine is different from overflow dyeing machine and overflow jet dyeing machine in the washing stage. Overflow jet
dyeing machine wash the cloth as “pool bath”,and airflow dyeing machine wash the cloth as “shower bath”, the
airflow can discharge sewage by the valve at any time(the function of high temperature discharge),so it can save a lot
of water in the washing stage, but the manner of “pool bath” waste water.
       As the airflow dyeing machine using this principle, so it needs a small amout of dye liquor. It has a very low liquor
ratio(when it dyes chemical fiber, the ratio is only 1:3),and it can save auxiliaries、 dyes and water. In the stage of washing
cloth, it can also save a lot of water. The high power fan of airflow dyeing machine can be controled frequently, and it can
control the motor based on different conditions, so it is an environment friendly(low-emissions),energy saving, high
efficient dyeing machine.
 TA-88 Main features
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