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TZL2008AUTOMATIC WINDER is a mechanical, electrical, instrument, gas integration of the latest generation of high-tech textile equipment. Yarn around the tube into a non-knot Cheese, and in the process of removal of winding yarn. With a high degree of automation into the production efficiency and yarn quality and production advantages of low energy consumption.
Suitable for cotton, wool, chemical fiber, pure and blended spinning processes such as winding, producing high-quality non-knot Cheese.
For fiber varieties: cotton, wool, chemical fiber and blended.
For yarn varieties: yarn, strands.
Model TZL2008---Automatic winder with manual cop feeding and manual package doffing
Direction of frame head right or left hand
frame 6 or 8 heads per section
Number of heads Max.60 heads
Materials Natural fibers,synthetic fibers and blended spun yarns
Yarn Count range Nm8.0-Nm80.0
Dimensions of tube L180-350mm *32-55mm
Winding traverse 82-155mm
Delivery speed 400-2200 m/min with stepless setting
Splicer Select the relative splicing gun according to the different yarns
Grooved drum Adopt special treated metal
Drum drive drive directly bymeans of DC servo motor
Single spindle actin control to finish the actions independently by five step-by-step motors
Computer inteligent winding control the drive ratio between drum and package by means of computer
Yarn tension control intelligent close-loop tension control ensures yarn tension uniform
Increase of package taper 0°- 5°
Electronic yarn clearer permit to select loeofe photoelectiricity clearer or Uster capacitance clearer with comprehensive and continuous yarn and splicing control
Brake the complete package will be lifted off immediately as a yarn break,independently equipped with braking devices for drum and cheese
Centralized setting yarn tension,package weight balance and anti-shock device pressure,air splicer pressure,pneumatic pressure,delivery speed,fixed lenght,splicing cycle repetition times etc
Waste gas emission exhaust from the pipe connected on the top of the frome head
Cop conveyer hand convey toward frame tail by automatic or manual start mode
Optimal use of energy single spindle actions controlled to drive independently by means of different stop-by-step motors and designed optimized drawing fan
ensure optimal use of energy of entire machine
Installed power(60 heads) 25KW
Optional 1.waxing device;2.traveling cleaner
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