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All friends:
Since its foundation sixteen years ago,our Taitan group has been developing in a sustainable,stable and swift way thanks to the policy of reform and opening to the outside world,thanks to the trust and support of the colleagues in the same field,and thanks to the kind coordination of all circles of people home and abroad.Hereby,please allow me to express our hearty respect and gratitude to those who have helped and are helping our Taitan
We have learned from the development of our group that the prosperity of our group relies on innovation while the latter relies on talents.An enterprise that wants to keep itself vigorous needs a large school of professionals.We welcome more professionals in science and technology,management.
Taintan is located in Xinchang,Zhejiang,where you can enjoy picturesque landscape and the word-famous giant Buddha statue south of the Changjiang River."It is always a pleasure to greet a friend from." You are warmly welcome to Taitan for friendship,investigation and mutual benefit.
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