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  Taitan-aidasi Description

    Taitan-aidasi dyeing & finishing machinery co., ltd is the subsidiary company of Zhejiang taitan co.,ltd,research and develop high-
temperature、 high-pressure dyeing and finishing machinery mainly, TA-88 high-temperature and high-pressure airflow dyeing
machine is one of the main products. The company possesses advanced and full equipment, standard testing instrument and
testing manner, converge variety of management personnel and technologist, to promise high-quality of products. It is the
desirable cooperation partner in dyeing and printing industry. Zhejiang taitan co.,ltd is a specialized company producing weaving
machine in china, “taitan” weaving machine have a good sall in variety area of china. To response the guidance of “low-carbon economy”
and “green environmetal protection”, we take the responsibility and obligation to provide high-quality dyeing and finishing
machine which is energy-saving and emission-reduction.
       Promote Taitan spirit, keep creative principle, improve service, enjoy the happiness of double-win together.

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