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Talent Strategy
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Zhejiang Taitan Stock Co., LTD is a national-level key new high-tech enterprise, spin in the field of machine modernly in Hi-Tech, It is domestic and first-class to strive for, catch up with and surpass the international most advanced level, the technological innovation" gold content" are higher and higher, Get 66 scientific findings and patent of a grade of reward of country, province, city totally, The products are oriented towards the whole country, go to the world.
Safe to it creates to be so good result while being smooth, a main one is to cultivate talents throughout , Develop the manpower resources as development primary strategy.

【Set up structure of scientific and technical innovation of the tertiary echelon】

Taitan companieses at request on" it produces generations develop generations, study a generation of", Have set up the scientific and technical innovation of presenting the tertiary echelon of the Pyramid type, structure of the management innovation progressively in practice, Make great efforts to combine today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow of enterprise development organically.
● The provincial technique center of the company and new products study the first echelon that is innovation , Its main tasks to research and develop both at home and abroad with the new products in the perspective, high end native and great technology difficult problem to tackle key problems, And bamboo poles finally, at achievement of producing .
● To make department the third echelon, its task to produce and require according to quality each company, Improve constantly, improve the technology , raise the efficiency, Guarantee every part, is guaranteeing the performance and quality of the complete machine in each process.

【Build the team of the talents of three pieces of high quality】

For a long time, Thai to insist science and technology revitalize enterprise is firm to establish " the market competition lean product against while being smooth, Consciousness that product development is leant against science and technology, scientific and technological development is leant against the talent", propose clearly that" there are first-class talents first , There are first-class enterprises". Knowledge is resources not consumed to the limit, the talent is the most valuable capital. For this reason, company at tertiary the structure and request that " ask their not to be the whole and its specially only"s of echelons, Put forth effort to build the team of the talents of three pieces of high quality
● Choose and train one a piece of strong precise business daring pioneer and invent on the middle and senior level to manage the management team ability s energetically. Through the measure of"ing have both ability and political integrity, bank up outside with earth and engage, choose recommendation, fair competition inside" etc, A group of young cadres shows one's talent, go on the leadership position of management and administration on the middle and senior level. At present, the above cadre of main branch company(the factory) has the above educational level of junior college , Years old less than 40 mean age, leader of company top management in having, high title, There are less than 30 lightest years old in grade .
● Introduce energetically and train one to have certain professional engineering levels, dare to shoulder the heavy load, The scientific and technological ranks daring to tackle key problems . Safe and smooth through talent introduction for many years, train for a certain area oneself, get in touch with institution of higher learning to train, Invite the domestic and international expert to wait for the way for the consultant , Have set up a technological innovation strength with rich research and development strength formed by doctor, professor, master, undergraduate and junior college student,etc., This strength has accounted for more than 20% of staff's total amount. They not merely research and develop a batch of new products with trade representativeness, turn the scientific and technical result into realistic productivity rapidly positivly , Strengthen and spin the key technology and research and development with independent intellectual property right, such as automation, intelligent of the machine ,etc. at the same time , Offer powerful technology for sustainable development of the company to guarantee
● Bring up and can solve the great difficult problem of operating to train one energetically, there is speciality, Block the team of technical backbone of staff member of one side alone . Company regard training as staff most heavy welfare, at young worker qualities and technical ability implement" upgrading the plan", Insist on duty trainings,, outside send vocational training off and train, develop the operation matches of" mastering many skills while specializing in one", It encourages staff learn TV university and correspondence university by oneself at company's cost compare and assess and cite and learn models and technological aces, Encourage everybody strive at the same time, oneself become first-class outstanding staff enterprise that achieve the first class.

【Bring up three major mechanisms that the manpower resources optimize】

The talent's growth needs good" weather", the in-depth reform of over the past several years, Form heavy to help and shift cadre and staff enthusiasm, creativity three while being smooth while being safe, Favorable to the mechanism that Able men are coming forth in multitudes --
● Staff enter and produce, cadre's ready to accept a higher or a lower post competition mechanism. In" a secure job" that Thailand is too smooth to work , the cadre has no" lifetime tenure of office", select the superior and eliminate the inferior, Eliminate from to competent at post, it dares person that innovate come in and get on fine knowledge, The person with more excellent quality. So metabolic, could promote the cause being prosperous
● Be able to include the distribution mechanism of the end of high energy. Company implement calculate payment according to quantity according to quality, wage system in the post sell the achievement of needing, Technology regard as fruit wait for diversified forms of distribution way is positive at technology and manage,etc. key element slope, It draws back high grade hillocks achievement catch up with manager by kind income. The newly-built university student's apartment of the company, staff backbones can have priority to apply for the house . Leave people with cause, with sincere to leave people, leave people, stay people in order to the treatment at last with mechanism, Encourage Thai smooth people to strive to make progress, strive for the good result constantly.
● Whole study, mechanism of studying of study all the life. Regard"ing study, innovate, respect work, rear people" as the common key values safe and smoothly, Propose that studies from the customer, study from the strategic partner , study from the rival. At era who knowledge bring in constant renewal in, require every staff to be regarded as a chance of study every job, Improve new knowledge and technical ability constantly. The studies of company train, system to assess make staff learn and regard as their at enterprise one a item of essential jobs. Whole study, study all the life, drive and stride forward to the enterprise goal of studying type safe and smoothly, Been produced and has been sampled , moral standing happens also.
The thing competes it is selected , bring into full play each one's ability. Safe to build good guiding people, educate people, choose the right person progressively while being smooth, encourage people's atmosphere, Innovative ability is stronger and stronger, the more the step of the modernized enterprise is stepped faster and faster , it is will definitely be more brilliant smooth tomorrow to be safe
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