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● Obtained Zhejiang Province outstanding enterprise of technological progress in 1993
● Arranged the spark demonstration enterprise of Zhejiang Province in 1994
● Named the city in a grade of model establishments in October of 1994
● Arranged the best economic benefits industrial enterprise of Zhejiang Province in succession from 1995
● Obtained the national advanced unit of scientific and technological progress of textile industry in 1995
● Always chosen as the national advanced group of light industry by the Chinese light industry in 1996
● Listed in" five one" key leading enterprise in Zhejiang Province in May of 1996
● Choose as enterprise trade" pairs of one hundred strong" light textile province will it be November 1996
● Classified as the national-level key new high-tech enterprise, key new high-tech enterprise of Zhejiang Province in 1997
● A pair of ten strong enterprises of the second light industry bureau of the whole province in 1997
●Approved it in order to import and export the right enterprise on one's own account in June of 1998
●Chose as" five one" key backbone's outstanding enterprise in Zhejiang Province in July of 1998
● Safe smooth trade marks were chosen as the famous trade mark of Zhejiang Province in August of 1998
● Former Zhejiangs Thai to spin machine change system into work by head factory, Zhejiang establish formally by safe smooth limited company while being smooth will it be August 1998
● The Party Committee of the company chose as the advanced Party organization in the province in July of 1999
● Pass ISO 9002 quality system authentication in September of 2000
● The technique center of the company will think and determines as the provincial technique center in November of 2002
● Classify 10 million a yuan of the big tax-payer enterprises of 50 million yuanses as national tax of province office will it be January 2003
● Confer to the sincere demonstration enterprise of Zhejiang Province in March of 2003
● It chooses AAA of province grades of credit enterprise as for 11 years in succession county big tax-payer," abide by the contract, watch over credit" enterprise
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