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        Taitan is the ancient Greek myth of the Colossus, also for the giant, concentration of the Chinese Taishan and noble magnanimous mind, the birth of the Chinese titan. 
        The taitans have factory goods, products and character com. Enterprise standard pattern, a giant swing hammer, standing at the top of the earth, facing the rising sun, with vigorous vitality, carry the world before one strength of indomitable spirit, the spirit, in the spring tide of market economy, fighting, dares to innovate, dare be a person first, catch up with and surpass the advanced world level, is committed to the revitalization of national industry.
        High whirl hammer, determination and confidence to build advanced manufacturing base;
        Of indomitable spirit, is the enterprising innovation, to the world of the dauntless spirit;
        Swagger, and the realization of a firm belief in the industry serve the country look far ahead from a high plane.
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