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  Zhejiang Taitan industry Co; Ltd is not only the state key hi-tech enterprise, also it is one of the key enterprise of Zhejiang province. Taitan is a famous trade mark as well as a famous brand name of zhejiang province. In recent years, Taitan has ranked in the top ten textile machine enterprises in our country. There are six subsidiary companies in Taitan. Namely Taitan new-type textile machinery Co; Ltd; Taitan weaving machinery Co; Ltd; Taitan yarn spinning Co;Ltd; Taitan twisting machinery Co; Ltd; Taitan excellent machinery Co; Ltd; Taitan plastic cement Co; Ltd.
        All the time, Taitan sticks to the guiding ideology that is “ science and technology is the first productive power”, relies on our excellent technical professions. The company actively cultivates its own technical innovation ability, intensifies its core competitive power. Dedicated itself to the research and development of new type textile machines, we have launched many new products in the market. Taitan has eight products enlisted into the major new products of the country and the state Torch program. We produced there series textile machines namely the twisting machine? the cotton-spinning machine and the weaving machine which are used in all kinds of textile enterprises. Most of them are exported to the foreign countries. The rotor spinning machine, the jet spinning machine, the two-for-one twister, the covering machine etc. are all up to the world advanced level.
        Look back at the past and forward to the future, the Taitan industry park is now under construction. Which lay a strong foundation for its further development. Warmly welcome all kinds talents to work for Taitan. The future of Taitan will surely bright.
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